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Directions street signs are made to regularize urban enviroment and impove orientation for pedestrians and traffic in the city.

Direction sign consists of following parts

1. Enamelled or powder painted steel base

2. Enamel dome shape or painted flat sign

3. Aluminium holder to fasten to the sign-post or to the wall
Standard sizes of signs and bases
Sign size
Base size
160x160 mm
210x210 mm
 320x160 mm
 370x210 mm
 420x160 mm
 470x210 mm
 560x160 mm
 610x210 mm
 700x160 mm
 750x210 mm
 850x160 mm
 900x210 mm

or any other size as per request

Direction sign can be made single-sided or doubled, enamelled or powder painted any colour per RAL range, and covered with reflective film as well.

Directions at Mežaparks

1. Powder painted steel base, covered with reflective film; 
2. Aluminium holder;
3. Sign post

Signpost with street name plaque
Signpost with direction signs
Signpost with enamel street name plaques with/without reflective film


Signpost with enamel street name signs and direction signs


Signpost with enamel signs
Signpost with enamel street name plaques and direction signs