Brief profile of Darba Spars Ltd.

We are manufacturer of various products made of sheet metals (stainless steel, aluminium, iron), tubes, and subcontractor for many metal processing services - punching of sheet metals (stamping), tube bending, TIG, MIG/MAG welding, point welding, laser cutting, powder painting, vitreous enameling, non-stick coating application, etc.

History of the company started on 1891 and we are one of the leading companies in Baltic countries for metal ware manufacturing. We have got great experience, facilities and professional empolyees to offer competitive and high quality products. We are successfull in sales not only in home market, but we have strong export department with customers in Norway, Sweden, Russia, Baltics, Ukraine, etc. OEM service is available.

Legendary Darba Spars runs for export!

Story about history, development, facilities and products of Darba Spars Ltd. in the context of the project "Latvia can!"

"Legendary Darba Spars runs for export" video story on the project's homepage (in Latvian)


Download presentation Street furniture.pdf 1.85 Mb (dustbins, enamel signs, bicycle stands)